Carbon Performance

Our Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions decreased by 131,000 metric tons through 2022, achieving 45% of our 2027 targeted reduction from a 2019 baseline.1 This was achieved by focusing on innovative approaches and processes, efficiency improvements and increased sourcing of renewable energy.

emissions performance 2019


  1. Carbon neutrality goal refers to Scope 1 and 2 emissions. Reductions take into account only verified reduction projections, do not take into account changes associated with the contraction or expansion of the Company and are measured against a 2019 baseline.
  2. 2007 is the initial environmental sustainability program year.
  3. 2019 is the 2027 ambition base year.

Through 2022, we decreased our energy use by investing in energy efficiency projects and low-carbon technologies, while increasing our use of renewable energy. Ten of 14 Amgen sites sourced 100% renewable electricity in 2022.

2022 Energy Use by Source (1000 Gigajoules (GJ))

energy use by source

Amgen has a comprehensive carbon reduction strategy that focuses on innovation, efficiency, and renewable electricity.


Dramatically reducing the amount of energy required to develop and produce our medicines is the best way to eliminate carbon from our activities and work to prevent climate change. We embed industry leading sustainability design into our facilities to minimize our environmental footprints. For example, Amgen's manufacturing facility in Singapore generates 69% less carbon as compared to conventional biotechnology manufacturing due to its design that dramatically reduces energy needs.


Year over year improvements in efficiency further decreases energy consumption and carbon emitted. We have a portfolio of projects across the globe to decrease our carbon footprint. For example, we plan to convert 30% of our total fleet per a 2019 baseline to all-electric vehicles by 2027. Selection of vehicles will be prioritized to maximize emission reduction based on sales representatives' territory and the availability of low carbon-emitting electrical grid power to power these electric vehicles.

Renewable Energy

Our aim is for all Amgen facilities, wherever feasible, to procure 100% renewable electricity by 2027. We are striving for 100% renewable electricity use at all of our operations where feasible by 2027. Across our network, each facility has a portfolio of renewable energy projects that are a part of our long-range planning. Projects range from installing innovative renewable energy technologies, such as on-site solar arrays, to purchasing electricity from renewable sources.

Where carbon emissions cannot be eliminated from our operations, we will invest in sustainability projects that sequester or avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

Our carbon reduction progress is managed through a formal project measurement and verification process and is tracked through deliberate efforts.