Access to Medicines Initiatives Outside the U.S.

In light of the increasing global burden of cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and other non-communicable diseases, Amgen's growing portfolio of biologic and biosimilar medicines holds the potential to make a significant difference for patients worldwide who are facing serious illnesses.

Amgen's Access to Medicines approach is based on a recognition that patients living in low- and middle-income countries face multiple barriers to accessing biologic medicines. Those barriers include healthcare infrastructure and supply chain challenges to safely handle and administer biologics, as well as affordability in countries that lack adequate reimbursement and insurance systems.

Together with partners and stakeholders, we are working to overcome such access challenges and barriers through a multi-faceted Access to Medicines approach tailored to the unique aspects of biologic medicines. Our approach is comprised of four core pillars. Click on a pillar below to learn more:

Access to Medicines Structure and Management

Amgen's Access to Medicines approach is a component of Amgen's holistic Sustainability Framework, which is governed by a cross-functional CEO-staff-level steering committee. In addition, a cross-functional collaboration has been established across Amgen teams that—as part of their respective business objectives—contribute to implementation of our Access to Medicines approach. This collaboration includes Global Value, Access and Policy, the Amgen Foundation, Corporate Affairs, Regulatory and International Policy, Advocacy, a Value Based Partnership team, our Biosimilars Division, Clinical Development, and our regional and local affiliate offices, which partner with local stakeholders to implement programs.