Chi-Ming is currently a Principal Scientist in the Genome Analysis Unit (GAU), leading the wet-lab workforce of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Single-cell omics platforms for Amgen Research. 

Chi-Ming studied genetic lysosomal disorder and cancer biology as a geneticist and molecular biologist during his academic training.  Since joining Amgen in 2007, he has been involved in diverse research projects and applied quantitative molecular biology for disease model characterization, biomarker innovation, safety/efficacy assessment, and target discovery.  Recently, Chi-Ming has been focusing on functional screening or validation of GWAS disease-associated SNP and exploration of MOA for critical targets or regulators in target cells of interest by taking advantage of the significant progress in gene perturbation and single-cell or spatial multi-omics. Before joining Amgen, Chi-Ming managed core groups, including Oligo Synthesis Core lab, DNA Technology team, and Sanger’s sequencing groups.

Featured Publications

D Lu, Hao Wu, I Driver, S Ingersoll, Shu Sohn, S Wang, C-M Li #, H Phee# (2020) Dynamic changes in the Treg heterogeneity and function upon murine IL-2 mutein stimulation. Life Sci Alliance 8;3(5): e201900520 (#: Co-correspondence author)

TM Yamawaki, DR Lu, D Ellwanger, D Bhatt, P Manzanillo, V Arias, H Zhou, OK Yoon, O Homann, S Wang, and C-M Li (2021) Systematic comparison of high-throughput single-cell RNA-seq methods for immune cell profiling. BMC Genomics 22:66

L Zhang, Z Li, KM Skrzypczynska, O Fang, W Zhang, SA O’Brien, Y He, L Wang, O Zhang, A Kim, R Gao, J Orf, T Wang, D Sawant, J Kang, D Bhatt, D Lu, C-M Li, Y Ye, S Wang, X Hu, X Ren, Z Shen, W Ouyang, J Egen, Z Zhang, X Yu (2020) Single-cell analyses inform mechanisms of myeloid-targeted therapies in colon cancer. Cell 181(2):442-459.e29

SY Shi, X Luo, TM Yamawaki, C-M Li, B Ason, and M Furtado (2021) Recent advances in single cell profiling and multi-specific therapeutics: paving the way for a new era of precision medicine targeting cardiac fibroblasts. Current Cardiology Reports 23:82 (Review) 

 C-M Li, A Margolin, M Salas, L Memeo, H Hibshoosh, M Szabolcs, A Klinakis, and B Tycko (2006) PEG10 is a c-MYC target gene in cancer cells. Cancer Research 66, 665-672.  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16423995/


Associate Res Scientist, Institute for Cancer Genetics, Columbia University, NY
Postdoctoral Res Scientist, Department of Pathology, Columbia University, NY
Ph.D., Human Genetics, Mount Sinai School of Medicine of New York University, NY
M.Sc., Genetics, National Yang-Ming Medical University, Taiwan
B.S., Animal Biology, National TaiwaPHn University, Taiwan