Seyma Bayrak is a Senior Manager and leads the Cognitive Analytics team within Digital Integration and Predictive Technologies (DIPT) focusing on generating insights from data using mathematical modeling, artificial intelligence, and advanced data analytics. Her team delivers various high impact data science projects within the Process Development and Operations organizations to help answer critical business questions using cutting edge data science methodologies. Her research interest spans computational modeling, machine learning, augmented intelligence, AI-driven decision making, and agent-based modeling for biopharmaceutical applications.

Prior to joining Amgen, Seyma obtained her PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago where she focused on developing multi-agent models of tissue growth and angiogenesis and her B.Sc. degree also in Chemical Engineering from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey specializing in Biotechnology.

Featured Publications

Product Attribute Forecast: Adaptive Model Selection Using Real-Time Machine Learning, ES Bayrak, T Wang, A Tulsyan, M Coufal, C Undey. IFAC-PapersOnLine (2018)

High Performance Agent-Based Modeling to Simulate Mammalian Cell Culture Bioreactor. R Jackson, ES Bayrak, T Wang, M Coufal , C Undey, A Cinar. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering (2018)

Computational Model-Based Analysis of Strategies to Enhance Scaffold Vascularization. ES Bayrak, B Akar, SI Somo, C Lu, N Xiao, EM Brey, A Cinar, BioResearch Open Access (2015)

Three-dimensional modeling of angiogenesis in porous biomaterial scaffolds, H Mehdizadeh, S Sumo, ES Bayrak, EM Brey, A Cinar. Biomaterials (2013)

Hypoglycemia Early Alarm Systems Based On Recursive Autoregressive Partial Least Squares Models. Bayrak ESTurksoy K, Cinar A, Quinn L, Littlejohn E, Rollins D, Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology(2013)


Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology
B.S., Chemical Engineering, Hacettepe University, Turkey