Amgen's long-standing commitment to the environment is reflected in our 2020 Environmental Sustainability Plan and targets, which is the second iteration of environmental performance plans since 2008. We integrate sustainable practices throughout our business in alignment with our 2020 Plan and have already exceeded three of the four performance targets. Our staff work to reduce Amgen's environmental footprint through strategic thinking, technology and sustainable practices. We have demonstrated that environmentally sustainable operations benefit our overall operations.

Key accomplishments in 2019 include:

  • We have realized savings of over $34 million in operating costs annually and reduced carbon emissions by 132,000 metric tons (MT), or 32 percent, from 2007 through 2019, by implementing energy conservation and carbon reduction projects.
  • We have reduced annual water usage through projects eliminating 970,000 CM, or 30 percent, since 2007.
  • We have reduced annual waste generation by projects eliminating 2,520 MT, or 25 percent, since 2007.
  • Our innovative use of next-generation biomanufacturing is providing significant environmental benefits.  Compared with a traditional plant of the same throughput, our next-generation facility in Singapore has demonstrated a 73 percent reduction in energy consumption, 54 percent reduction in water use and 69 percent reduction in carbon emissions.  We are applying the same approach to the new manufacturing facility currently under construction in Rhode Island.
  • The newest addition to Amgen’s green buildings is the new visitor center in Breda, Netherlands.  The visitor center is certified with an A++++ label and has a minus energy index.* The building is the first building in Breda to earn the combination minus energy index and  A++++ label.

* Energy label and energy index ratings are in accordance with The Netherlands' BRL 9500 Assessment Guideline

See information about Amgen’s Forward-Looking Statements here.

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