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We are at a hinge moment in the biopharmaceutical industry, where we are seeing profound changes in drug discovery and development powered by the union of technology and biotechnology. At Amgen we have been preparing for this moment for over a decade, investing in the power of artificial intelligence (AI), data science and other technologies to create the next generation of medicines that will bring the most value to patients.
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What is generative biology?

Generative biology reimagines the protein drug discovery and design process by using AI and machine learning-powered computational models.

Marissa Mock
Director of the Generative Biology group at Amgen


The Generative Biology Revolution

The Generative Biology Revolution Podcast

Hosted by Ray Deshaies

Senior Vice President, Global Research at Amgen

Generative biology, a revolutionary approach to drug discovery and development that leverages machine learning and AI to design novel protein therapeutics, is a hot area whose time has arrived. With it comes the potential to catapult the speed and efficiency of discovery. In this podcast series, Amgen's senior vice president of Global Research, Ray Deshaies, PhD, together with pioneers and leaders in this new area cover what generative biology is, how it began, and how it is helping us transform drug discovery from largely unpredictable to the predictable, shorten timelines and increase success rates. There's great opportunity to be mined for research and discovery, for a new kind of scientist, and for patients who need these medicines the most.

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The new science of generative biology calls for new scientists, data scientists, data engineers, information architects, machine learning engineers and others with related specialties. We have earned numerous recognitions as a great place to work, including being named one of America's Best Large Employers by Forbes magazine, as well as one of the World's 25 Best Workplaces™ by Fortune and Great Place to Work®.