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Wellness at Amgen

As a company that creates innovative human therapeutics, we are committed to providing resources and facilities for staff to pursue healthy lifestyles. Peer reinforcement is also integral to the success of Amgen wellness programs—staff love to cheer each other on in their journeys toward better health. We field a team of approximately 100 wellness champion advocates across our sites worldwide. 

Staff are rewarded for their participation in wellness programs. We provide access to fitness facilities or membership reimbursement, offer on-site nutrition services as well as healthy eating options and hold many wellness and fitness-oriented events throughout the year.

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We know that the working environment is important to good health. As the Mayo Clinic suggests, research has linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns. Movement, even with leisure effort, can make a significantly positive impact. Wellness at Amgen, in collaboration with the Occupational Health and Ergonomics departments, are supporting Amgen’s development of revolutionary work environments that promote active working and staff well-being. The variety of spaces in these environments inspire staff to get up and move throughout the day. Ergonomic equipment, such as sit-stand desk options, are available to assist with work safety, movement and comfort. Multiple guided stretch breaks have been implemented as well as stretch toolkits with instruction cards made available in designated areas.

Some of these work spaces also offer wellness rooms to recharge and complimentary wellness snacks vetted by the on-site registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) team. In addition, these buildings and work spaces provide access to abundant natural light and a choice of flexible work areas that fit the multiple kinds of work staff perform whether they are in an office or a lab.

Highlights of Amgen Wellness Programs:

  • Amgen offers programs to provide an easy solution to not only make moving part of the daily routine but also encourage staff to eat at least five or more fruits and vegetables a day, including fitness challenges and educational tips and recipes.
  • Through the Vitality platform, staff can connect to Amgen's Employer Incentive Plan to stay motivated, and earn points, by making and sustaining healthy lifestyle changes.
  • For staff working on-site at Amgen locations, registered dietitian nutritionists are available to staff members for individual services and group workshops that focus on weight loss/management, heart health and diabetes prevention.
  • As many staff began working from home due to COVID-19, Amgen implemented several programs to improve worker mental health and wellness, including mindfulness videos, nutrition resources and access to the Wellbeats virtual health and wellness program.
  • To help staff deal with COVID-19 related stress, burnout or other emotional health concerns, Amgen expanded mental health support for staff through Lyra, a virtual mental health care provider.

Occupational Health

Occupational health programs support staff members on the job wherever their work takes them. In addition to managing work-related conditions, travel consultations are provided to prepare staff for health and safety risks while traveling. Flu shots and other vaccination services, on-site health screenings, and ergonomic assessments are all part of Amgen's occupational health offerings.

Work-Life Balance

To help Amgen staff achieve work-life balance, Amgen offers flexible work schedules, telecommuting, remote work and part-time work.