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Amgen Statement on Russia/Ukraine

Humanitarian Assistance

We are deeply saddened by the war in Ukraine and condemn the violence and suffering the people of Ukraine are experiencing. The Amgen Foundation has made grants to international agencies supporting humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people. These grants have been amplified by donations from hundreds of Amgen employees that are being matched dollar-for-dollar by the Amgen Foundation. Amgen is also providing additional support to local humanitarian organizations in Eastern Europe.

Business Activities in Ukraine

Amgen is doing its best to ensure that Ukrainian patients continue to have access to our medicines, which are provided by distributors there. We have limited clinical trial activity ongoing in Ukraine and have paused enrollment of new patients so that we can focus on maintaining patients already enrolled.

Business Activities in Russia

Amgen has suspended all non-essential business activity in Russia. We are not promoting products, investing in research, pursuing sponsorships, or enrolling patients in clinical trials. We are not making any capital expenditures, nor hiring any employees. We have no manufacturing facilities or laboratories there. We are continuing to provide only those medicines in Russia that are considered “essential medicines” that treat very serious illnesses like cancer and heart disease and are not subject to international sanctions.