U.S. Reimbursement Support Services and Financial Assistance Programs

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Amgen Safety Net Foundation (ASNF) is an independent nonprofit patient assistance program established in 2001, sponsored by Amgen. ASNF was designed to assist patients who have a financial need, and are uninsured or the insurance plan excludes the Amgen medicine. ASNF supports qualifying residents of the U.S. and its territories. ASNF provides access to every patient who qualifies.

Our mission is to serve patients in need and our commitment is to provide access to Amgen medicines to qualifying U.S. patients at no cost.

For more information visit: amgensafetynetfoundation.com.

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For clinical questions, all non U.S. inquiries, to report adverse events, or product complaints, please call 1-800-77-AMGEN (1-800-772-6436)