Our Response to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved, Amgen has remained committed to doing everything we can to deliver for patients, to keep our staff and their families safe and to help the communities where we live and work reduce the number of people exposed to the virus.

Since the status of COVID-19 and Amgen’s response are continuously evolving, please refer to our COVID-19 Information Center for the latest information.  Below are the key elements of our approach to COVID-19:

Ensuring the safety and well-being of our 23,000 Amgen employees around the world

Amgen’s first priority is to keep our employees and their families safe and informed throughout the pandemic. We have taken critical measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, provided continued financial support and working-from-home assistance, and implemented several employee wellness resources.

Continuing to serve patients—those currently on Amgen medicines and those that stand to benefit from potential new medicines in our pipeline

Our teams are working to ensure continuity of care and exploring novel solutions such as alternate sites of care, mobile nurse administered injections and prescription fills at specialty and retail pharmacies. We are also collaborating with policy makers and advocacy organizations to address treatment challenges in this environment. Amgen is working to ensure that clinical trials are being implemented consistent with recent guidance from regulators to maintain patient safety and study data integrity.

Contributing our therapeutic antibody and immunology expertise to the fight against COVID-19

Amgen is working collaboratively with other biotechnology companies, academic institutions, the Presidential Administration and other government research entities to identify effective treatments for COVID-19 as quickly as possible:

  • Amgen is participating in the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Foundation for the NIH’s Accelerating COVID-19 Therapeutic Interventions and Vaccines partnership and the COVID R&D Alliance, a group of more than 20 R&D heads of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical and life science companies working to speed the development of potential therapies, novel antibodies and anti-viral therapies for COVID-19 and its related symptoms.
  • Otezla® (apremilast), an oral treatment approved in more than 50 countries for inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, will be tested as a potential immunomodulatory treatment in adult patients with COVID-19 in upcoming platform trials.
  • Amgen has engaged in developing treatments for SARS-CoV-2, both in partnerships and through our own efforts.

Lending a helping hand in the communities where we live and work

Amgen and the Amgen Foundation have made an initial commitment of up to $12.5 million in COVID-19 relief funds to support emergency response efforts in Amgen’s U.S. and international communities, patient-focused organizations that are mounting their own response efforts and international relief efforts by Direct Relief and International Medical Corps. The Amgen Foundation is also matching donations made by our employees worldwide who wish to contribute their own funds to the relief efforts.

As noted above, please check the COVID-19 Information Center for the latest information.

See information about Amgen’s Forward-Looking Statements here.

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