Amgen Patient Advocacy and Strategic Alliances


Impact2: Fostering Community-Based Solutions in Psoriatic Disease


Patient Advocacy Perspectives: Improving Cardiovascular Disease

Effective solutions to pervasive challenges like heart disease must work at many levels and for diverse groups. Multi-stakeholder collaborations are our best way to find the strongest solutions.
– Katherine Wilemon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Family Heart Foundation.


Amgen and StoryCorps: Every Patient Counts. Every Story Matters.

Our Vision

At Amgen, we recognize that helping patients and reducing the impact of serious illness is about more than just delivering medicines. Tackling the biggest health problems facing patients and societies around the world today requires bold solutions and the combined strength and ingenuity of multiple organizations working together towards a common goal.

Amgen is committed to partnering with others in the healthcare ecosystem to achieve our common goal, which is to better serve patients. Together, we can do more than any one organization can do alone to develop solutions that improve patient outcomes and well-being.
— Darryl Sleep, SVP Global Medical at Amgen

Our Approach

Amgen supports a wide range of programs that seek to improve public health and patient outcomes. These efforts include supporting patient advocacy organizations for independently-led initiatives as well as forging strategic collaborations with partners within and beyond the healthcare sector to co-create innovative solutions that help address major health challenges. Collectively these programs help tackle some of the world's biggest health challenges and reach the patients in greatest need. For information about these programs and perspectives from the organizations we support and work with, please visit:

Key Initiatives and Programs: Working together to improve patient outcomes.

Amgen x StoryCorps for Health Equity: Every Patient Counts. Every Story Matters.

Where We Are Making an Impact

Amgen works with more than 70 organizations around the world

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Amgen is working with or supporting more than 70 organizations. This represents only a sample.


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