The Value of Biosimilars and Amgen's Commitment

Biosimilars have the potential to lower healthcare costs and bring savings to both patients and the healthcare system. Biosimilars increase competition in the marketplace, generally cost less to develop compared to originator biologics, and can potentially open opportunities for additional research and investment in new innovator products.

More Options for Patients

Biosimilars offer more treatment options for patients.1 With increased availability of biosimilars, patients have more options to choose the right medicine at the right time. The introduction of biosimilars promotes competition which can lead to additional savings to patients.

How Biosimilars Affect the Marketplace2-5

The competition fostered by a marketplace with biosimilars could benefit global healthcare systems


Opportunity for health system-wide cost savings


More treatment options for patients

Our Commitment

As a world leader and innovator in biologics for patients with life-threatening and chronic diseases, Amgen is proud to also produce biosimilar medicines in pursuit of its mission to serve patients.