DNA Unlocked | Amgen

DNA Unlocked is a 5-part podcast series about the twists and turns, highs and lows of the quest to generate insights from DNA sequencing that will solve some of the most challenging diseases.

Tune in to go deep on how scientists are approaching the mountains of genomic data to tackle longstanding barriers to drug discovery, unlock cancer, and learn first-hand about exciting ideas 'coming around the bend.'

Join the conversation with host Ray Deshaies, senior vice president of Global Research at Amgen and recognized experts in genetics, omics and precision medicine.


Reshaping the Future with Amit V. Khera, M.D., MGH Center for Genomic Medicine

Unlocking the Genetics of Cancer with Angela Coxon, Ph.D., vice president of Oncology Research at Amgen

Beyond Genomics with Larry Gold, Ph.D., founder of Somalogic

Genetics vs. Biology with Saptarsi Haldar, M.D., vice president of Cardiometabolic Research at Amgen

Promise and the Potential with Richard Scheller, Ph.D., former chief scientific officer of 23andMe and former executive vice president of Research and Early Development at Genentech

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