Political Activities

In the United States, Amgen implemented internal policies regarding compliance with applicable federal and state election laws that restrict the ability of corporations to support political candidates or engage in political activities

Corporations are generally not permitted to make direct political contributions in connection with any federal election. Similar laws exist in some states.

While impermissible at the federal level, direct corporate political contributions can be made in some states to candidates running for state or local elected offices. Under certain circumstances, Amgen may also contribute to other state-level political committees and political organizations.

Amgen also administers a political action committee (PAC) for staff. The Amgen PAC provides eligible U.S. staff an opportunity to support federal and state candidates who share Amgen’s commitment to serving patients.

While Amgen encourages voluntary staff participation in the political process, corporate policy, in compliance with federal and state law, provides that political contributions may not be made with or reimbursed by company funds in federal elections, or in other jurisdictions where it is illegal to do so.

Lobbying and advocating legislation is also restricted by the United States and certain states. Amgen discloses federal lobbying activities to the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives, in compliance with the U.S. Congress’ Lobbying Disclosure Act and Honest Leadership and Open Government Act. You can view Amgen’s lobbying disclosure data here by selecting the appropriate “filing year,” and entering “Amgen” in the search box. Amgen also complies with relevant state laws governing state-level advocacy activities.

Outside the United States, rules governing interactions with policy makers vary by country. Amgen complies with all applicable laws and regulations in counties where relevant interactions with policy makers occur.

To learn more about Amgen’s participation in the political process, including our political contributions, which we disclose twice per year, please visit our Political Contributions section.