R&D Gifts Policy | Amgen

R&D Gifts Policy

As part of our ongoing commitment to uphold high ethical standards, Amgen has adopted the following policy that all Amgen staff or their representatives in Global Research and Development organization must not provide gifts of any nature to a Healthcare Professional and/or Member of the Scientific Community.

Healthcare Professional(s) includes any healthcare provider and any other person or entity including, but not limited to, physicians and physician groups, nurses, office practice managers, dialysis center personnel, free standing or hospital based dialysis centers, wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacists, medical directors, practice management companies, pharmacy benefit managers, and group purchasing organizations, as well as any individual employed by such entities who is in a position to recommend, influence, or arrange for the purchase, sale, prescription or formulary placement of Amgen products.

Member(s) of the Scientific Community includes all members of the scientific community, including but not limited to, any scientist, researcher, professor of science and/or medicine, educator, student, research collaborator, intern, laboratory technician, university, college as well as any individual employed by such entities.

Gift(s) are anything of value given by an Amgen employee or agent, without payment or without an even exchange of services from the recipient. Gifts do not include items provided to persons who are performing services to Amgen if the items are necessary to the provision of services (e.g. CRA supplies notebooks and pens to study sites for use in connection with performing data collection for an Amgen study). For purposes of this policy, Gifts do not include donations made by Amgen, which are covered under the applicable Amgen policies or standards regarding interactions with Healthcare Professionals.