Economic Sanctions, Embargoes, and Boycotts

The United States maintains a program of economic sanctions and embargoes against certain countries and other designated persons or entities, including but not limited to terrorists, terrorism-sponsoring organizations, entities involved in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and international narcotics traffickers. In addition to prohibitions against doing business with denied parties, U.S. law may prohibit Amgen from complying with or supporting a foreign country’s boycott of another country that is an ally of the United States. Prohibited activities may include requests to give information or to take action, such as refusing to do business that furthers such a boycott. In addition, the law may require Amgen to report promptly to the United States government any request to support or to furnish information concerning a boycott.

Similar laws apply in countries other than the U.S.

Amgen staff members should refer to the policies in effect at their location and request guidance from their supervisor, the compliance representative with responsibility for their geographic area, the EU Director of Compliance, or the Chief Compliance Officer, as appropriate.

Violators of these laws could be subject to civil and criminal penalties as well as denial or suspension of export privileges and other adverse consequences (e.g., loss of tax benefits).