Export and Import Control Laws

Export Control Laws

It is important to ensure that Amgen’s global supply chain is not interrupted. There are laws that govern, and in many cases restrict, the final destination of the sale and/or transfer of funds, goods, software, and technology to ensure that certain countries, individuals, or entities, including those associated with known terrorist activities, do not receive items made by or from a U.S. company or its subsidiaries. Violations of export control laws can result in civil and criminal penalties for Amgen and individuals subject to this policy as well as suspension or denial of export privileges and debarment from U.S. Government procurements.

Import Control Laws

Countries regulate the flow of goods, technology and persons into their borders. Customs agencies secure and facilitate trade and travel in their respective countries. Many of the regulations enforced by Customs are intended to prevent acts of terrorism and to assure that goods entering the country are legitimate, and that appropriate duties and fees are paid. Wherever Amgen operates, individuals subject to this policy are required to follow all applicable laws related to imports.

General Provisions

Because of the complexity of export and import control laws, Amgen staff members at all Amgen sites should immediately seek the advice of the Law Department before they engage in any activity, or if they are confronted with a situation that they believe may implicate those laws.

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