Supplier Invoice Guidelines

To reduce the chances that there are delays in the processing or payment of invoices for amounts payable by Amgen, please follow the invoice requirements in the Amgen Global Invoice Guidelines

Amgen Global Invoice Guidelines

Payment Terms

Invoices submitted prior to services being rendered will not be accepted. Amgen will pay suppliers in accordance with pre-agreed terms after receipt of a correct and complete invoice. Invoices submitted that do not contain all of the required information are deemed incomplete and will not be processed. Discount calculation will be based on the date of receipt of a correct and complete invoice.

Changes to Payment Terms

Payment terms may only be modified on individual POs when agreed to in a specific acknowledgement signed by an Amgen Strategic Sourcing & Procurement representative and an authorized representative of the supplier.

Invoice Disputes

Amgen will inform the supplier of disputed amounts invoiced by supplier. If Amgen disputes amounts in an invoice, the supplier should resubmit an invoice setting forth only undisputed amounts.