Business Ethics

Our approach to business ethics includes our compliance program, ethical operations, ethical research, responsible sourcing and responsible marketing. Ethics is one of our core values, and we continue to enhance our programs across all these areas.

Two important aspects of our approach to business ethics are a well-defined set of Amgen Values that define how we behave and clear leadership attributes that we expect from our staff members, which together form the “social architecture” that defines our unique culture. This social architecture is deeply rooted in our culture and has enabled Amgen’s growth over the past 40 years from an early pioneer in the biotech industry to a leading innovator and world-class biologics manufacturer.

In addition, Amgen’s Business Conduct Standards provide staff members with important tools to ensure that they “Do the Right Thing” in all business practices. In today’s complex, global business world, no company can assume that the right course of action is always clear. To help us Do The Right Thing by conducting business ethically, we have created a Code of Conduct which, along with Amgen’s Mission, Aspiration, Values and Leadership Attributes, provides the best guidance for our staff’s decisions and actions.

Key accomplishments in 2019 include:

  • 100 percent of our staff trained on our Code of Conduct.
  • More than 200 leaders completed their Global Ethics & Compliance Declaration Program, which calls for leaders in selected leadership roles to execute an ethics and compliance engagement plan and sign an annual declaration.
  • 100% of eligible Amgen leaders completed a conflict of interest disclosure on their Global Ethics & Compliance Declaration form.
  • Conducted periodic surveys to evaluate employee perception on compliance and the culture of ethics within the company.
  • Increased the number of suppliers assessed for their sustainability performance and compliance with Supplier Code of Conduct by 43 percent from 2018.

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