Product Sustainability | Amgen

Product Sustainability

We integrate environmental sustainability principles throughout the life cycle of our products including research, development, manufacturing, packaging and disposal.

Green Chemistry

Starting with discovery and development, Amgen applies green chemistry – sustainable practices to save energy and water and reduce waste. We have been recognized numerous times for our green chemistry participation in the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable. We also participate in green lab programs and are a sponsor of the My Green Lab Certification Program.

Green Packaging and Reducing Packaging Waste

We use our Green Packaging Assessment Tool to develop more environmentally sustainable secondary packaging and aim to move to a reduced amount of packaging materials which will be 100% recyclable. We also conduct life-cycle assessments on our packaging configurations. In addition, nearly 100% of paper used in our secondary packaging for clinical and commercial products is sourced from certified-sustainable forests. We also ship our medicines in reusable thermal shippers whenever possible to reduce packaging waste and carbon emissions. 

Responsible Product Disposal

Amgen works to mitigate the environmental impact of our products at the end of use. We provide an environmentally responsible mail-back program for the appropriate disposal of medical waste associated with some of our home-administered combination products. Material recovered via mail-back (including sharps, autoinjectors and containers) is decontaminated, sorted and then recycled or sent to a waste-to-energy facility for incineration with energy recovery. Amgen is also a member of the Pharmaceutical Product Stewardship Working Group, which addresses and facilitates the disposal of unwanted, unused or expired medicines.

Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH)

Amgen works to comply with REACH, a regulation of the European Union (EU) administered by the European Chemical Agency. REACH addresses the use, import and manufacture of chemical substances within the EU, and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment.