Donation and Grant Recipients

Fighting serious illness takes more than pioneering science and vital medicines; it also requires partnerships with healthcare professionals and patient advocates who provide programs that advance science and patient care.

As part of Amgen’s mission to serve patients, the company is proud to support organizations and programs that:

  • Educate healthcare professionals on disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, including the safe and appropriate uses of Amgen products;
  • Offer important services for patients and their caregivers, such as disease awareness and screening;
  • Advance science education;
  • Improve quality of care and access for patients;
  • And make meaningful differences in our communities.

Amgen discloses donations and grants made by the company and the Amgen Foundation because we are committed to open sharing of information with all who have an interest in our business practices. In addition to disclosing donations and grants, Amgen also makes available on this website summaries of dozens of company policies and practices on issues such as ethical research, clinical data disclosure, responsible marketing practices, and ethical business conduct.

See Donations & Grant Disclosures FAQs here.

Independent Medical Education and Healthcare Donations

Amgen makes donations to qualified organizations that advance medicine and health care, promote health care professional education, educate the public on diseases and medical conditions, and support other philanthropic and charitable causes that ultimately benefit patients.

Grants and donations provided by Amgen and the Amgen Foundation are compliant with federal and state laws, as well as industry and academic codes and guidelines that govern such activities. In addition, Amgen applies strict standards to all of our interactions with healthcare professionals and other customers (click here for more information).

Independent Medical Education and Healthcare Donations Reporting

Amgen Foundation Grants

The Amgen Foundation is an integral part of Amgen's commitment to dramatically improve people's lives. To date, the Foundation has donated over $350 million to nonprofit organizations across the United States, Puerto Rico and Europe that work to advance science education and create sound communities where Amgen staff members live and work.

Amgen Foundation Grant Reporting

Amgen Funding to European Patient Organizations

Amgen headquarters and its subsidiaries make financial support, indirect support and/or non-financial support to qualified recipients that support the needs of Patients / Patient Organizations to educate the public on diseases and medical conditions as well as other philanthropic and charitable causes, programs and activities that ultimately benefit Patients. All fundings to Patient Groups follow the EFPIA Code of Practice on Relationships between Pharmaceutical Industry and Patient Organizations and are compliant with applicable laws.

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